Meopta MeoStar B1 12x50

When you prefer a big, bright view that’s as uncramped as it gets and don’t mind the extra mass and weight which must come along with these demands, you’ll want a binocular such as this one.  This is by no means a small optic, one much better suited to carrying all day via a well-padded case supported by your chest as opposed to upon your neck with even the best of straps.  But the difference between a premium 12x50 and even the upper echelon of 8x32, 8x42 and 12x42 offerings is quite apparent.  The 12x50 has that brigher edge, along with a background that will be brilliantly blurred behind the subject.  Thus observing a subject cast below a thick tree canopy will be no problem at all; it stands out even in poor light, with the coverings afar simply blurred out of focus.  For a select few, this will always be the view that cannot be denied versus the convenience of a 42mm optic.  The advantages of a 12x50 are at no time more apparent than at twilight.

Manufacturer Meopta
Magnification 12x50
Colour Green
Weight Weight 1020g





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